Vehicles / Containers / Dismantling

If you want to sell scrap metal you can take it to Ekoterra purchasing place by your own transport, or you can use our company transport. We have a large fleet of vehicles in order to ensure a high standard of customer service.

A simple and cost-efficient sorting and transporting ensure appropriate waste collection containers. You probably have seen the green Ekoterra brand marked containers in the streets or build places. Containers for scrap collection can be delivered to your specified location, after loading we will take care of their dispatch. 

We propose to entrust for Ekoterra experienced team dismantling of metal structures, that are on your territory. Entrusting us this work You will get rid of organizational problems associated with object destruction, scrap metal loading and transportation.

In order to use services provided by Ekoterra: container providing, scrap metal loading, transportation, dismantling of metal structures, call us +370 61245990.

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