Ekoterra purchase various metal and automotive scrap, electrical and electronic equipment, battery types.

We pay for sold scrap metal immediately after acceptance. Accountability methods are cash or bank transfer to the account you specified.

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Due to PIT when selling metal scrap:

Government of the Republic of Lithuania on the 12th of December 2013 adopted Law No. XII-663, replacing the personal income tax (PIT), changing the rates of personal income tax from the sale of non-ferrous and ferrous scrap.

It is established that 5 percent rate applies to income derived from the sale or other transfer of ownership of metal scrap. Also ability to apply for refund the PIT, by filling the annual income declaration, is repealed.

Amendment applies to the calculation and declaration of the 2014 and subsequent tax revenue periods.


Due to income declaration when selling batteries and electrical and electronic equipment:

According to the 2002. July 2. LR personal income tax Act No. IX-1007 (in force from 01.01.2012) Article 22., the proceeds received from the sale of batteries and electrical and electronic equipment is classified as a Class B income, income tax 15 percent shall not be reduced. However, if the natural person by single sale  sells batteries or electrical equipment for an amount exceeding 200 Lt, then income must be declared. If the property sold is for less than 200 Lt amount, a declaration of income is not required.



Please note, that there is ORDER No. 4, 1081 (2012-11-09) issued by Minister of Economy LR (link below), which limits the base metal waste and scrap buying:

It is prohibited to purchase from natural and legal persons: corporate signboards; sewers, water, gas, etc.. wells covers and tracks rings; a cast bins; pipes and heating networks fittings with a diameter exceeding 50 mm; road construction equipment, and so on. according to the order, if they had not submitted documents to prove that the items belong to them by right of ownership.

Electrical and communication equipment (more precisely see in the Order of Minister) can be bought only from legal persons, whose economic activity formed these things, and if they submit documents proving that the items belong to them by right of ownership.

Motor vehicles and trailers can be bought from natural and legal persons, if they submit documents proving that the items are of their own.

Electrical and electronic equipment components of metal parts and metal consumables can be bought only from legal entities and self-employed individuals, whose economic activity generated following parts and components, if these persons provide documentation proving these parts and consumables formation  in their existing economic activity.

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